As of 2024, here are some places where you can send a fax:

  1. Online Fax Services: Many companies provide online faxing services. Here’s a list of the top pay-as-you-go online fax services. These services typically allow you to send through an online interface.
  2. Copy and Print Shops: Businesses like Staples, FedEx Office, and UPS Store typically offer faxing services for a fee. Prices can vary, so you might want to call ahead to check.
  3. Public Libraries: Some libraries have public fax machines available for patrons. There might be a small fee to cover the cost of the phone line and paper.
  4. Office Supply Stores: In addition to copy and print shops, some office supply stores like Office Depot offer faxing services.
  5. Business Centers: These are typically found in hotels and convention centers, and they often have fax machines available.
  6. Workplace: If you work in an office, your workplace might have a fax machine you can use.
  7. Apps: There are also apps that let you send a fax from your smartphone. Some examples include Fax.Plus, iFax, and FaxFile. Like online fax services, these typically charge per page or require a monthly subscription.

Remember that with the rise of digital communications, faxing is becoming less common, and many places are phasing out their fax services. Always call ahead to make sure faxing is still available at the location you choose.

Also, consider if faxing is truly necessary for your situation. In many cases, scanning and emailing your document might be accepted instead. It’s faster, often more secure, and there are plenty of free apps that can scan documents using your smartphone’s camera.