A Brief History

PayPerFax is a focused fax sending service, and our history is closely tied to the evolution of faxbeep.com. Here’s a quick look at how we came to be:

1. The beginning: Faxbeep

PayPerFax finds its roots in faxbeep.com, which began as a forum in 2000, providing reviews, ratings, and a community for discussions around fax services. At its peak, the faxbeep community had over 2,000 members worldwide, becoming a central hub for all things related to faxing.

2. Transition to Fax Sending Service

As the industry consolidated and the number of fax service providers diminished, faxbeep.com saw an opportunity to evolve. We started offering an online fax sending service, allowing users to send faxes without getting locked into long-term plans.

3. Embracing a New Direction: Fax Testing Service

Faxbeep continued to evolve and shifted its focus to a Fax Test Service, providing free test fax numbers in the US and the UK. This useful service allows users to quickly check the functionality of their fax machines or multifunction printers.

4. Spinning Off PayPerFax

Recognizing that our fax sending service still had a useful role to play, we decided to give it a dedicated platform. That’s when PayPerFax was born, spinning off from faxbeep.com to continue the mission of providing user-friendly, pay-per-fax services.

As PayPerFax, we now focus exclusively on providing a straightforward, pay-per-fax service. Our goal is to make sending faxes simple, without any hidden fees or long-term commitments.

We look forward to serving you with the same dedication and enthusiasm that has defined our journey thus far. If you have any suggestions or need assistance, please contact us.