The US Department of Veterans Affairs is one the largest integrated healthcare systems in the world and consists of more than 1,700 hospitals and other facilities. Sometimes you might need to complete an application and fax it to USDVA.

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Tips for faxing to the VA

From: 7 Tips for Sending to the New VA Evidence Intake Center. – Veterans Law Blog

  1. Keep a copy of everything you send to the VA Evidence Intake Center – Don’t ever send your original copy of a document, and don’t ever send your ONLY copy of a document.
  2. Send by fax to the Evidence Intake Center whenever you can – If you have your own fax machine – or if you use a web fax service like PayPerFax – the EIC will send you a reply confirming the time, date, number of pages that were received, and a Document Identifier Number.
  3. Don’t double-send to the VA Evidence Intake Center AND the Regional Office – The stuff you send to the RO gets routed back to the EIC anyway…so all you’re doing is adding duplicate information to your digital case file.

The fax numbers of the regional VA offices are available here: Regional Office Fax Numbers – Compensation