If you need to send a document with a signature attached, faxes are a quick way to do so. In many circumstances and industries, fax transmission satisfies the requirements for an original signature.

The signature on a fax document is recognized in many countries as legally binding, though international standards vary. In such cases, signed documents collected via fax, such as written contracts or payment forms, have been found to hold up in court.

Examples of industries where faxes are used to send signed documents

  • In hotel bookings, some hotels insist on receiving credit card authorizations by fax, so that the receipt can be sent to the main office or stored locally without becoming subject to electronic data protection legislation.
  • In the medical industry, signed documents such as prescriptions and referrals are sent via fax.
  • In the financial industry, when applying for a mortgage, lenders sometimes require applications to arrive with a visible signature.

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