You’ve gone through the trouble of visiting a doctor, having tests performed and then waiting for your results. They finally arrive and you now need to forward them to a specialist, insurance company, or health care institution. But they insist on receiving these by fax. Read on to find out how to fax your medical results quickly and painlessly.

Why would you want to use a fax machine, especially in the medical field

Fax machines have been used in the business world for many years. They are a common way to send documents because they provide a way to send a copy of a document that is both secure and reliable. In the medical field, fax machines are often used to send test results to a doctor or another healthcare professional. This is because faxes can be sent quickly and easily, and they provide a way to keep a copy of the document for later reference.

While fax machines are becoming obsolete as technology advances, many doctors and many healthcare booking centers still prefer to use a fax machine over email or another method of sending documents.

How to fax medical test results

Since you’ll only be doing this occasionally, find yourself a one-time-use online fax service, such as, that won’t require you to register for an account or commit to a subscription. Upload your document scan to the service and enter the fax number you wish to fax the document to. It would be a good idea to use a cover page to address the document to exactly the right person. Review any costs and send it off.

Once the document have been properly sent, how will I know that they were received by the recipient 

After you have sent the document, you will receive a confirmation by email. This will act as a formal receipt telling you when exactly the fax was received.

If you want to be extra careful, call up the receiving party and verbally confirm that they received the fax.

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