Earlier in 2021, NHK wanted to spur national unity behind Japanese participants in the Tokyo Olympics. So it exhorted its viewers to send messages of support to Team Japan…using their fax machines.

The international response was swift and derisive. Those who’d never lived in Japan expressed incredulity that such a “high-tech” country still used 1980s technology. Former and current residents just laughed. For them, it was all par for the course.

Just how prevalent are fax machines in Japan?

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications ran a study in 2020 to find out. The result? 33.6% of Japanese households have a fax machine[2].

Now, that’s not quite as many households that have a tablet. Some 38.7% of Japanese households have a tablet. However, only 29.8% of households have a gaming console. That’s right – Japan has more fax machines than gaming consoles.

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