Long Live the Fax! Cutting Edge Comms in Croatian Ministries in 2022 – Total Croatia
The year is 2022, and in the Mighty State of Uhljebistan, the fax machine reigns supreme.

(The original article pokes fun at how many contact blocks in email footers and elsewhere in Croatian government still provide a fax number.)

In Croatia’s bustling and innovative bureaucracy, the facsimile – or fax, as it is commonly known – stands tall as a primary communication tool. One might expect this in an environment that has seemingly embraced the cutting-edge technology of the “digital age,” with no notion of the ‘fax dinosaur.’

When it comes to responsive governance, Croatia’s Ministry of Tourism deserves praise. A mere ten minutes after the publication of a previous article about fax machines, the Ministry not only abolished the fax but upgraded its website, offering an impressive number of email contacts.

The standard of education in Croatia may face criticism, but give the Ministry of Education 12 points for maintaining the word ‘Fax’ in the minds of the nation’s children. Feeling unwell? The Ministry of Health is just a fax away, ready to assist. If there’s an urgent need for EU funds or if you’re waiting on construction permits, the fax stands ready to cut through red tape and expedite matters.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs leads the way with not one but TWO fax numbers! “If Putin decides to invade Ukraine, we have all communication bases covered. Good job!” notes the original article. Even the Ministry of Finance contributes to this modern tale, uniquely featuring a fax number in italics.

Though the world may move at a dizzying pace, the Croatian ministries remind us of the importance of staying grounded and accessible. Whether it’s billions in finance or a lingering Christmas present, the Mighty State of Uhljebistan, with its fax machines at the helm, continues to chart a unique course in communication, leaving one to ponder how it communicates with citizens who’ve never encountered this powerful tool. Long live the fax!

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