In our increasingly digital world, some may question the continued relevance of fax machines. Yet, the recent arrest of two men in Tokyo for sending threatening faxes underscores the persistent, if not perplexing, place that fax technology holds in our lives.

These two men, driven by misguided intentions, managed to send a staggering 300,000 threatening notes via faxes across the country. They were caught, but not before tapping into the surprisingly versatile and prevalent use of faxes, even in our era of ubiquitous emails and instant messaging.

Now, you might find yourself caught between the very rock and hard place that this story embodies. Imagine needing to communicate with an institution that insists on the formality and authenticity of a fax, but finding yourself without a fax machine because, well, you thought nobody used them anymore.

This story, rather than relegating the fax to obsolescence, highlights the curious place that fax machines still occupy. In a society that treasures tradition and cutting-edge technology alike, faxes sit at an amusing intersection. They are neither an antiquated relic nor a cutting-edge tool, but rather an odd compromise that continues to confound and amuse us.

So, next time you find yourself wondering whether anyone still uses faxes, remember that, in some instances, you might just need one yourself. Whether it’s for a laughable absurdity or an unexpected necessity, the humble fax machine continues to remind us of its presence in ways that are both surprising and undeniably human. In the end, aren’t we all just trying to get a message across? Sometimes, it seems, a fax is the way to do it.


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