Well, who would’ve thought? In an era where almost everything seems to be taking a digital turn, the German government’s Bundesnetzagentur is scouting for a new fax service provider. Now, for those who just raised an eyebrow thinking, “Fax? Really?” – yes, indeed.

An official announcement, which can be found on the e-Vergabe federal online platform, shared that interested providers can pitch their services. But here’s the kicker: they need to submit their proposals digitally. Oh, the irony! As the call for bids cheekily clarifies, “only electronic offers are permitted.”

Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, this isn’t just a whimsical decision by Bundesnetzagentur. They’re expecting a fax traffic of around 3,000 to 4,000 messages every month. Quite substantial, don’t you think? They’ve also specified criteria like, “An expansion of the fax capacity following an announcement by the agency during foreseeable peak loads in reception and/or dispatch.” Essentially, the provider needs to be able to ramp up the fax capacity during high-demand times.

But the internet, being the entertaining platform that it is, had some fun reactions. Notably, Bundestag member Anke Domscheit Berg voiced her take: “Faxing in 2023? Why not!” (Likely sarcastically).

If you’re now reminiscing about that old fax machine in the attic, you’re not alone. Interestingly, even places like Japan still find faxing to be quite common. Whether it’s the tangible feel of a fax paper or the specific sound it makes, fax machines certainly have their own lingering charm in our modern era. Who’s up for a fax party?

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