Taiwan Hi-Life customer only spends NT$15 to send fax, wins NT$10 million | Taiwan News | 2023-07-25 16:28:00
Hi-Life customer buys 2 pineapple buns for NT$70, pockets NT$2 million | 2023-07-25 16:28:00

In an unexpected twist of fate, a customer at a Hi-Life store in Hsinchu County’s Hukou Township won a staggering NT$10 million in the Taiwan receipt lottery. The unique part? The customer spent a mere NT$15 (US$0.47) to send a fax, making the return on investment astronomically high. This story is not just a testament to the lottery’s unpredictability but also an interesting nod to the daily utility of faxing in Taiwan.

The Ministry of Finance reported the latest winning numbers for the Taiwan receipt lottery, which is also known as the uniform invoice lottery. While another Hi-Life customer also bagged the NT$2 million Grand Prize for buying two pineapple buns for NT$70, it’s the fax transaction that catches one’s eye.

The winning number for the NT$10 million Special Prize was 29268886. A number that will undoubtedly remain etched in the memory of the fortunate customer who opted to send a fax that day. It’s not every day that faxing can claim to have made someone a millionaire, but this incident shows it’s far from a dormant practice.

What makes this event stand out, besides the dizzying windfall, is its sheer randomness. Whether one is buying pineapple buns or sending a fax, the possibility of winning big is equally viable. The Taiwan receipt lottery serves as a perfect stage for such unexpected but delightful tales, turning everyday transactions into potentially life-changing moments.

So, while the debate around faxing can spiral into complex discussions on its practicality, moments like these add a sprinkle of magic and serendipity to our daily errands. The lottery numbers have been drawn, and they echo beyond their numerical form; they tell a story of an ordinary act leading to extraordinary luck.


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