Well, folks, it seems the humble fax machine is still making headlines in 2023, and not just for its stubborn refusal to retire. A recent article from The Asahi Shimbun reported a rather grim use of our old friend, the fax. Over three consecutive days, a series of threats were sent via fax to schools across Japan. Yes, you read that right. In an era of high-speed internet and instant messaging, someone chose the fax machine as their medium of terror.

The threats, which ranged from bomb scares to mass murder, were reportedly sent using a fee-based online fax service. The perpetrator even had the audacity to post about it on a message board, revealing the names of the targeted schools. In total, over 15,000 threatening faxes were sent to various educational institutions.

Now, we’re not here to make light of such a serious situation. The threats led to school closures and a lot of fear. But we can’t help but marvel at the irony. In a world where we can send messages halfway around the globe in a blink, someone chose the fax machine, a device that many consider obsolete, to spread fear.

This incident, as disturbing as it is, underscores the enduring presence of the fax machine in our lives. It’s a testament to the machine’s resilience, its ability to adapt and survive in a digital age. It’s a reminder that, despite the rapid pace of technological advancement, some things just refuse to go away.