A [Mississipi, USA] woman is now in jail after allegedly trying to get her boyfriend out of jail.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department arrested Stephanie House, accusing her of forging a fax with a Lee County Circuit Court I.D. and sending it to the Lee County Adult Jail.

The fax ordered for her inmate boyfriend to be released.

Jail staff recognize some irregularities with the fax and was informed by the Lee County Circuit Court that they never sent a release order for the inmate.

26 Jan 2022 Update: The Daily Leader adds:

She was charged with uttering forgery, credit card fraud and possession of drug paraphernalia, and booked into the same jail as her boyfriend.

27 Jan 2022 Update: This story sounded far-fetched enough for website TruthorFiction.com to go ahead and fact-check it. Comparing it to other originally outlandish-sounding articles such as Was a Texas Girl Impregnated by a Flu Shot? and Did a Man Get $200,000 of Surgery to Look Like Jesus Christ?, they conclude that the article is TRUE.

This appears to have been the original viral image that circulated the story (we love the touch of “That’s amoré“):

That’s amoré